Hair Extensions At Soulmates

Welcome to our Hair Extensions Page.At Soulmates we ony use the best quality of hair, we use micro rings and copper rings to secure the individual hair, no damage to the hair itself as there is no glue used with this technique, as you can see from some of our pictures these rings are so small, so when your hair is in an up style they will not be shown. We supply all maintenance products etc... to keep the hair looking at it's best. The hair providing you look after it, should last about 6 mth's, but will need to be re-fitted after 3 mth, as your own hair grows so does the hair extensions.We trained with Balmain using different techniques of applying hair extensions, but we don't actually use there hair, as we found it wasn't the best being chinese, so we use indian hair as its far better quality, and seems to last longer. The time to put the hair in depends on the volume/length and thickness of the clients hair, usually between 3-4 hours at an estimated guess. We ask all clients to attend a consultation before hand to discuss your extensions, and this is included in the price. All hair can be coloured/curled/straightened and even permed, as long as you use the correct products

(available from our salon). We also sell special brushes which brush over the extensions, without pulling or catching them. Our prices vary and will depend on the amount of hair we use and the thickness of the clients hair. Call in or email us about our hair extensions.